inside the galleiia

My mission is to nourish our souls through art. This is wether it is being my own art or someone else’s. 

Now there are numbers of definitions of what art is, you say. I am not going to bother figuring out what everybody else is thinking here, but briefly I will evolve my own understanding and experience of art.

For me art is deeply connected with beauty. But – though it may sound strange – the beauty is not mainly what we see; beauty is about harmony and love! It is a feast for the eyes, offering a sanctuary for our souls in a busy world. 

Art is timeless. The experience of art may even, when it reaches its’ peak, connect us with our Creator. 

yoThe mother and the father of Eskil who used to own my house.
One summer, I had the loveliest poppies dancing in my garden. I have to grow them again!In Spain, just as here in Sweden it is a sad sight seeing abandoned buildings on the countryside. This is when we drove to friends north of Barcelona. My son was at the time very interested in grafitti. And I admit, this huge place filled of colors was pretty amazing! my man

This picture in my favorite skirt and favorite shirt, was taken by my favorite boy, my Noak. I photoshopped it quite a bit; put a new head on my shoulders. Etc...

The lemon is from a short period in my life when I was enjoying myself by doing watercolors. I had a great friend where I lived at the time in Arvika. Her name was Jessica, an aqarellist, a midwife, a mother of five, a wonderful cook and so much more. She was a very inspiring friend. I watched her do watercolors and then started myself.This is my Mother – the most creative person I know. Also, the most supporting person in my life.



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